Oriol Bedia
Product Designer

Experience Design
Interaction Design
UX Research & Strategy

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6+ years experience designing products end-to-end. I worked with: Google, Red Bull, Airbnb, Zalando, Volkswagen, Zeit Online, etc. Currently available for freelance jobs. lets@dosmall.design

UX For Storytelling

Research, Ideate, Prototype & Test.

Great products are build over time. That’s the everyday magic. Innovation needs to be designers last resort. Products should be:
1st Functional, 2nd Usable, 3rd Intuitive, 4th Delightful, Last Innovative.

My Design Process

To take products from good to great, we have to go beyond functional requirements. Understanding what is relevant to people, in order to build usable and intuitive experiences.

Keeping solutions simple. Bit by bit disclosing complexity, focusing on the core value of our product. And yet we will not only delight users, but innovate for people.

1 Research
& Strategy

I collect data from people’s behaviors with quantitative and qualitative methods. Connecting the dots to take decisions about potential design solutions.

2 Document
& Manage

Clear and accurate deliverables help to greatly understand problems and foster communication. It's essential that key decision makers are always on the same page.

3 Ideate
& Facilitate

Without trust and understanding, even best ideas amount to nothing — I encourage clients & team members to ask questions early-on with design artifacts.

4 Prototype
& Design

Prototypes are tools to gauge user value and ease communication with stakeholders. It’s important to design the overall experience, and then design nuanced interactions.

5 Test/Iterate
& Deliver

I test and iterate to dismiss assumptions & take well-grounded design decisions. Discoverability and learnability are the basic foundations to great products.

I gradually build-up Value along my design process: Research Strategy Insight. Document Manage Plan. Ideate Facilitate Solution. Prototype Design Experience. Test Deliver Product.

Small Manifesto

What if we interacted meaningfully with people?

Not eyeballs. Not users. But people. We can choose to devote ourselves to the root of problems – The small things that serve, respect & delight people.

We can choose to question things, to push for responsible solutions and challenge ourselves. Step by step. Building value upon itself.

Portfolio references upon request. lets@dosmall.design